Poor Personal Hygiene and Harms on Your Health

Practicing good personal hygiene is essential for maintaining a good health and to make you aesthetically presentable to the society. As a good and responsible citizen you are obligated to practice personal hygiene in order to prevent diseases from developing and spreading. Personal hygiene involves basic habits to keep your body clean such as taking a bath regularly, washing your hands, brushing your teeth twice a day, etc. Sometimes people with certain psychiatric disorders can be identified from their lack of personal hygiene and grooming.

Effects of Poor Personal Hygiene on Your Health

Effect of not brushing your teeth everyday

Mouth provides a portal for the entry of not only food but also germs and infectious organisms. Brushing twice a day is mandatory for maintaining good oral and overall physical health. Failing to brush your teeth can lead to numerous health problems.

Effect of not taking enough shower

Showering helps you kick start your day feeling fresh and clean. More importantly, showering also helps maintain your general health and keep diseases away.

Effect of not washing your hands frequently

Washing your hands is the best strategy to prevent infections. Your hands come in contact with surfaces that harbor bacteria, toilets, sick people, etc. Washing your hands will prevent ingestion of these infectious microbes.

Effect of not maintaining good nail hygiene

Fungi are anaerobic organisms and they survive best in an environment that has no oxygen. Fungi tend to survive under your nails. The crevices of the nails provide a favorable environment for fungi to grow. Nails thicken and become discolored when they develop a fungal infection. Always trim your nails regularly. While washing your hands take care to wash under your nails as well.

Effect of not washing clothes and bedding

When you wear clothes, you shed your skin, sweat, oil and germs on clothes.  Clothes end up harboring a lot of microbes that can easily cause infections. It’s important that you wash your clothes and wear clean clothes. It is recommended that you wash tight fitting clothes after wearing it once. In case of lose fitting clothes you can wear them about 6 times before washing. If you wear unwashed clothes with body oil accumulated on them, then you may end up getting skin infections such as dermatitis. It is also important that you should wash your clothes even if you have just bought them from the store as they can still harbor infectious agents on them.

Your bed sheets are also breeding ground for infectious microbes. It is important that you regularly wash your bed sheets and pillow covers. While you sleep you transfer your sweat, saliva, bacteria from your body and body oils onto the sheets. If left unwashed, infectious microbes can breed on the bedding sheets and when you sleep on them they can cause infections. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that can spread from these sheets, which can cause wound infections, urinary tract infections and pneumonia. What are the effects of poor personal hygiene? You can also develop fungal and yeast infections if you do not clean your sheets regularly.

Bedding that has not been washed regularly can be a breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause allergies, bronchitis and asthma. It is recommended that you wash your bedding at a temperature of 60 degrees and higher.   

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