How Can You Lose Weight More Effectively After 40?

When you get older, it seems as though the same effective weight loss tactic you used in your 30's or 20's stop working. While you may have been able to stick with a short term diet or put in a few extra workouts in the week to drop those extra pounds, when you get older you might not notice any change in the number you see on the scale except a higher one. Read on to learn how to lose weight after 40 effectively if what discussed above is what you are facing now.

How Turning 40 Affects Your Weight?

1. Hormones

Hormones are the number one causes for weight gain and difficulty to lose weight once you hit 40. Women who are going through perimenopause will see a decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels and once menopause hits, they significantly drop. Estrogen helps regulate weight and when these levels are too high or too low, fat begins to store in the body. Lower levels of estrogen also result in a slower metabolic rate which means the energy stored in the body are converted to working energy much slower.

2. Inactive

As we age, our bodies just naturally slow down as the muscles mass is lost. This loss in muscles mass results in a slower metabolism and we tend to burn fewer calories through exercise as we get older. Add this to the fact, the previous injuries can reappear in the form of arthritis, pinched nerves, muscle tightens and bone spurs, it is no wonder that we are less active as we age.

3. Lack of quality sleep

From hot flashes and nights sweats to higher levels of stress and migraines, getting enough sleep when you're older becomes increasingly more difficult. A lack of quality sleep can result in increased hunger which means more weight gain, making you wonder more about how to lose weight after 40.

4. Insulin resistance

The loss of estrogen production can increase the chances of you developing insulin resistance as you get older. Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin does not function properly at absorbing the sugars broken down in the body. People who have insulin resistance will find putting on more weight around the midsection is easy and it's hard for them to lose weight all over the body.

How to Lose Weight After 40

1. How to address fat loss at 40

2. Weight-loss diet plans

How to lose weight after 40 will require greater attention to your diet. This diet will differ from person to person, taking into consideration your caloric needs, activity level, and lifestyle. For most, however, a healthy diet that includes lean proteins, whole grains and plenty of vegetables should be adapted. Avoiding foods that are high in sugars, refined grains and alcohol also help manage weight. Portion control is also key.

3. Lifestyle interventions for weight loss

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