Male Night Sweat: Causes and Managing Ways

Night sweats is a condition that is characterized by episodes of sweating which soak sheets or your pajamas at night. Night sweats and hot flashes are often associated with hormonal imbalances in females, particularly during menopause. But night sweats can occur in males too.

What Causes Night Sweats in Men?

The various causes of night sweats in males are the following:

Other Possible Causes of Night Sweat in Males

Apart from what we have discussed already in detail, certain other possible causes of night sweats in men are the following:

When to Visit a Doctor

Schedule a visit to a doctor if:

How to Manage Night Sweats

To manage night sweats in men, the initial step is to correctly diagnose the underlying cause. Only then can the appropriate treatment be determined, as each cause may require different treatment methodology.

For the medical conditions, some of the most common night sweat treatments that can be used are the following:

More tips for controlling night sweats include:

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