Prostate Massage: Step-by-Step Instructions

image001Prostrate massaging is done for specific medical benefits and sexual stimulation. This type of massage is also called prostate milking or milking the prostate. Then some may wonder how to milk the prostate? In fact, it can be done either externally or internally. To perform a prostate massage, or for you to determine whether prostate milking is something that would benefit you, you should understand the process. If prostate milking is done incorrectly, you can damage the prostate gland. It is, therefore, important that you progress slowly. You should also consult a health professional when you experience anything unusual. Learn how to milk prostate properly.

Why Does Prostate Milking Bring Pleasure?


Why It Brings Pleasure

Anal Sensitivity


The anusand the genital areasareinterwoven and connectedbymillions of nerve endings. These nerve endings are sensitive and can yield pleasurable sensations.

Hidden Penis


Not many people know this but, about a third of the penis is hidden inside the man’s body. When the hidden penis’ base is pressed, it can produce a pleasurable sensation. When the prostate, penis and hidden penis’ base are stimulated, the resulting sensation can be awesome. The psychological effects of prostate milking are more overwhelming because that is not the receiver’s normal penetration nature.

Mental and Psychological High


The physiological stimulation experienced when there is prostate stimulation is nothing compared to the immeasurable mental or psychological high. The mere idea of a man being in such a vulnerable position produces a strong mental rush for the giver and receiver.

Ejaculation Reflex Sensation


No matter the method used, the prostrate cannot be touched directly. The nearest access you have to the prostate is through the rectal wall. This means that there is a membrane that is blocking you from reaching it fully. Despite the membrane restriction, the prostate lobes become highly sensitive when pressure is applied. When you rub, press or stroke the prostate gland via the rectal wall, there is an array of sensations produced. The closest similarity of the feelings produced is that feeling a person gets when ejaculating.

How to Milk Prostate

How to Prepare

As it is in all intimate activities, there are some applicable basic rules.

Do It Face to Face for Greater Intimacy

Step 1: Find a comfortable position

After the receiver has completely undressed, he should be in a seated position. His back should be supported by a large and firm pillow, and his back should be reclined. He should pull his knees towards his chest and angle somewhat outwards.

Step 2: Proper position for the giver

This position should be comfortable for the receiver and also enable the giver to have unfettered access to and unobstructed view of the genitals and anus. The giver can kneel or sit cross-legged in front of the receiver.

Step 3: Start with lower body massage

As a method of relaxation, the receiver’s lower extremities may be massaged by the giver. The receiver may decide to close his eye to relax. As the massage goes into its progressive stages, it is vital that both the giver and receiver maintain eye contact.

Step 4: Put on latex glove and lubricate

The giver will decide whether the receiver has been sufficiently aroused and relaxed. Next, the giver should slip on a latex glove and then lubricate the anus of the receiver. The process of lubricating the anus should be ceremonial and lengthy. As the giver, start with some circular motions as you stroke the opening of the anus. The idea here is to relax and pleasure the nervous ‘rosebud’.

Step 5: Work the way in gently

As the giver, you should “never“ use your finger to poke the receiver’s anus. You should instead gently apply some pressure using your finger’s pad. Also, continuously add the lubrication as you can never have too much lubrication. Gently insert your finger when the receiver’s anus is ready. All you need is patience and time.

Notes: Amazingly, when the anus is ready, the receiver will notice that the giver’s finger seems to be pulled in by the anus. Once the finger has entered, the giver should still give the anal sphincters time to get accustomed to the finger intrusion. Therefore, the giver should not immediately proceed to move the finger out and in. The only reason the giver should remove the finger is to add some lubrication jelly.

Step 6: Locate and massage the prostate

Step 7: Move rhythmically and maintain eye contact

This is the last step in how to milk the prostate face to face. When in the arousal cycle, the giver can start rhythmically moving the finger out and in. This will stimulate the super sensitive nerve endings that surround the anus. When the experience is at the resolution phase, eye contact is important. When in this phase, there are a number of scenarios that may take place:

A. The receiver will masturbate without the help of the receiver to ejaculate. At this time, the giver will be encouraging the receiver until he reaches climax and ejaculates.

B. The giver will help the receiver masturbate using one hand. The other hand of the receiver will still be massaging the receiver’s prostrate or anal opening. Both receiver and giver should intently communicate. This communication enables the receiver to get the greatest pleasure.

C. The receiver could ask the giver to milk his prostate without stimulating the penis directly. To do this, the giver gently strokes each lobe which results in the gentle flow of the semen.

The Facing Away Position

How to milk prostate? The “facing away” position requires the receiver to be kneeling with knees apart, the buttocks elevated and the elbows resting on a surface. The receiver should be in a comfortable and stable position.

The giver should kneel or sit spread legged behind the receiver. That way, the receiver has a perfect view of and easy access to the anus. This position also allows the giver to reach in between the legs of the receiver thus allowing genital stimulation.

Next, follow the procedure given in “face to face” technique and you already have mastered how to milk the prostate with the facing away position.

Watch a video for facts and tips for prostate milking:

Precautions about Milking the Prostate

Before milking the prostate, you need to be aware of the following precautions:

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