Steam Room Benefits


Steam rooms are designed to expose the body to a high level of steam by installing generators that will pump steam throughout the room. While a sauna creates low levels of moist heat, steam rooms promote 100 percent humidity with temperatures that can reach up to 110-140 degrees F. Steam rooms are known to provide a variety of health benefits which is increasing their popularity in commercial and home settings. Steam rooms have been used for therapeutic treatment since ancient times and doctors today continue to stand by these benefits. Those that plan to use a steam room are encouraged to continuously massage their bodies and sip water to encourage proper circulation and to prevent becoming dehydrated.

Steam Room Benefits

  1. Blood Circulation. Exposing the body to heated rooms such as steam rooms or saunas increase the pulse rate by as much as 30 percent. This allows the body to pump more blood throughout the body to improve circulation overall. Experts believe that steam rooms with lower levels are capable of normalizing blood pressure to improve heart function.
  2. Body Detoxification. Steam rooms cause the body to sweat profusely, allowing the body to secrete as much as 22-30 percent of toxins in the body. This helps to improve liver and kidney function by taking away much of the detoxifying responsibilities of these organs. Steam also opens the pores, allowing you to better cleanse the skin.
  3. Respiratory Functions. Several disorders can cause the development of mucus which will clog the respiratory system. Steam therapy will help to melt this mucus so it is easier to drain it from the body. Steam rooms are superior to dry air saunas in this regard as the dry air of a sauna can in fact increase respiratory complications.
  4. Joint Pain Relief. Joint pain is frequently caused by poor circulation to these areas. Steam rooms will help to increase blood flow which can provide relief to those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.
  5. Body Relaxation. Steam rooms are an ideal way to relieve stress and relax the body. Many find that taking the time to enjoy a steam after a long day is a wonderful addition to their routine.
  6. Healthy Skin. Using a steam room provides comprehensive and intensive cleansing for the skin. It also encourages circulation throughout the body and blood flow to the skin so the skin can get the nutrients it needs more easily. Steam rooms have been found to be superior to body wraps in treating cellulite, enhancing collagen development, hydrating the skin, increasing the metabolism and emulsifying fat in the sebaceous glands.
  7. Immune Boosting. Exposing the body to an environment with a very high temperature will temporarily cause fever. This will cause the body to release antibodies that are typically used to combat infectious microorganisms. Doing this consistently will help to improve overall immune system function.
  8. Weight Loss. The high temperatures in a steam room will increase the body's metabolic rate, making it easier to lose weight.
  9. Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia refers to the body raising its temperature as an attempt to kill off and expel impurities that can harm the body. Steam rooms can artificially induce this condition to make it easier to kill off these infectious bodies.

Considerations of Using a Steam Room

Users should not spend more than 20 minutes in a steam room in a given session. Once the session has been completed you may partake in a cold water bath to tighten the pores. Those that have diseases such as low blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes or any underlying conditions that affect the circulation should speak with their doctor before using a steam room.

Remaining hydrated while using a steam room is vital. If at any time you feel faint or overheated, cease your session and leave the steam room. If you are using a public steam room there is a high risk of spreading disease-causing microbes and germs. Avoid using a steam room that is very crowded to lower this risk.

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