How to Use Chamomile Tea for Hair Lightening

Nowadays a variety of highlighter kits, professional tints and chemical treatments are available to change your hair color. However, if you require a gentle, natural lightening agent, then one is present in your own tea cabinet – the chamomile tea. Chamomile is a medicinal plant that is utilized for centuries to treat ailments of the stomach and salves. Its golden color and flavonoids present in it may lighten and brighten your shafts of hair slowly and gently over time.

How to Use Chamomile Tea to Lighten Hair

By rinsing your hair with chamomile tea, you can easily incorporate this medicinal plant in your beauty regime.

This process results in brightening of the hair, especially in females who have light hair. A subtle effect of brightening is seen in brunettes, instead of a complete change in color. This also lightens highlights done at salon gently without damaging them. You can continue rinsing with chamomile tea every few days to change the color of your hair slowly and to produce golden highlights.

Chamomile gives good results with numerous other natural ingredients that lighten hair. Mix a cup of strongly brewed chamomile tea with a tsp of coconut or almond oil and juice of few lemons. Keep this mixture in a spray bottle.

How to use chamomile tea to lighten hair? Spray this mixture of lemon and chamomile tea on your hair before going out in the sun. Focus the mixture on areas where you want a lighter color. Noticeable results may be produced by the combination of chamomile and lemon in one day even on the hair of brunettes.

Other Natural Ways to Lighten Hair

Besides chamomile tea, let’s discuss some other natural ways to lighten hair:

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