Will Running Make the Butt Flat?

Running enhances the overall wellness of a person. It is one of the most effective ways to lose weight by burning calories, to boost confidence by toning and strengthening the muscles, and to prevent diseases by improving the cardiovascular health. These positive benefits are noticeably observed in lean and desirable bodies’ of runners with patches of cellulite.

Even though running has many health benefits, it may also have some downsides. A common disadvantage of running is incurring injuries in the knees and joints. This is often experienced due to overuse, abuse, and stress in the muscles and tissues. Also, some cases have claimed that the fat loss caused by running may greatly affect the butt, especially in women.

Does Running Make Your Butt Flat?

Running comes in different combinable forms. Any of these variations lead to improving fitness and better health. However, for this question, the answer depends on the person and their body structure. Some people may end up with bigger butts despite running due to their genetic structure, their diet plans, and the type of running performed. Others may have flatter butts as a result of their running exercises. Generally, the secret on improving the butt structure lies in choosing the proper running techniques. The following will be good to your butt.

1. Hill Running

Running uphill creates an unusual horizontal wide angle. This is brought about by the higher raising of thighs during uphill runs as compared to running on a flat ground. Additionally, this will also require greater strength and power that can result in better results.

2. Sprinting

Sprinting requires higher and stronger push-off for fast-paced and longer running. This also allows the knees to rise higher which builds and forms the gluteus muscles especially when done repeatedly.

3. Alternatives

Always focus on long and easy mileage. The long-distance run at a moderate speed will burn more fats. This will ensure better muscle building and formation, and hence a better butt.

4. Caloric Overcompensation

People who are running have the highest potential to overeat because of the misconception that their heavy exercise routines will easily burn the calories. Carefully track and monitor the food intake before and after running in order to prevent unwanted results on the butt.

After knowing the answer to "Does running make your butt flat", choose the running techniques that suit you best. Also make sure to have a well-balanced diet, with all the nutritional requirements, to achieve the best results without worrying about having a flat butt.

More Interesting Things Running Does to Your Body

Running is an amazing activity that can lead to numerous benefits. Other than what have been known to many people, running offers other interesting and strange ways that can truly affect and bring changes to your body.

Running leads to the self-healing heart.

Recent research shows that heart-friendly exercise such as running may cause temporary damage to the heart’s right ventricle. Results showed that there are traces of enlarged heart with decreased functions and performance. Does this frighten you? Don’t be as researchers said that there is no evidence that running is not healthy at all. And the amazing part is that the heart seems to completely heal the damage in a week’s time.

Running gives runner’s face.

Does running make your butt flat? Well, it depends, but it will give you a different face. Runner’s face is a condition wherein too much fat beneath the facial skin is burn off, causing the person to literally create a skeleton-like appearance. This is commonly experienced by older men and women. However, there are some who contests to the statement and says that the changes in the face are likely due to a strict diet or other forms of rigorous exercise.

Running causes black toenails.

Runners often experienced and suffered the black toenails due to improper footwear. This is primarily caused by the bleeding that usually occurs underneath the nails. Correct running shoes should always be used to avoid irritations such as bruise brought about by excessive friction and bloody toes caused by unfitted shoes. Be sure to always get shoes that are a size larger for better foot breathing and movements. Moreover, ask the experts for the best recommendations.

Running may cause chafing.

Chafing is a condition brought about by wearing too tight clothes which restrict movements. When running, wearing the most comfortable and best-fitted clothes is highly recommended. Men tend to experience chafe near their nipples due to lack of protection such as sports bra. As a recommendation, petroleum jelly or bandages should be used to protect these sensitive parts during running. Women also experience chafe along the bikini line. Be sure to wear undergarments that are made from natural wicking fabrics.

Running over activates that bladder.

The frequent urination is brought about by the increased blood flow in the body. However, it is important to stay hydrated by drinking more liquids. Dehydration may cause the holding of the concentrated reserve of urine which is definitely harmful to the body. Always remember that water is essential to achieve better health benefits and results.

Running causes a runny nose.

Some runners may experience exercise-induced rhinitis. This condition is caused by the increased flow of air being inhaled as the rate of breathing increases. Never let this condition stop or interfere the running routine. Take antihistamine prior to running in order to dry out the passages. Indoor training can also be considered to prevent this condition from occurring.

Running is truly beneficial to everyday life. One should allot a few minutes or even hours to run in order to enjoy the amazing results that running has to offer. At times, downsides and questions such as “does running make your butt flat?” may be encountered and experienced. Be knowledgeable enough and know the things to be done to avoid the negative effects. What's more, proper diet and complete rest and sleep should always be practiced. With these, a better and healthier life will surely be achieved.

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