8 Best Exercises for Scoliosis

Characterized by a C- or S-shaped curve in the spine, scoliosis usually affects children but can develop in adults as well. You may develop it due to a number of reasons, including uneven pelvic position, genetics, foot or knee distortions, joint surgeries, or even head injuries. Depending on the cause, some curves can be quite deep. In moderate cases, scoliosis exercises may help correct the problem in your spine. Let's find out more about some common exercises you can try.

Best Exercises for Scoliosis

While it is important to talk to your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for scoliosis, you can try some exercises to help improve your condition a bit. In most cases, you need surgery, so it is better to ask your doctor if certain exercises are safe and effective considering your unique circumstances. Here are some exercises you can try:

1.       Step Down and Arm Reach

This can help elongate your spine and is therefore one of the best scoliosis exercises to try.

2.       Exercise Ball Stretch

This exercise may also help stretch the spine and improve your posture a bit.

3.       Upward and Downward Dog

You can use the plank position to directly target the affected area in your spine. Here is what to do:

4.       Foam Roller Towel Stretch

Looking for the best scoliosis exercises? You can use the foam roller to stretch your spine and help correct scoliosis to some extent.

5.       Forward Bend Exercises

6.       Pilates

You can try Pilates when looking for the best scoliosis exercises because it helps improve posture and build strength at the same time. Here is what to do:

7.       Hip Roll and Bridge

The exercise is quite effective because it helps raise your vertebrae in a way that your spine forms a circle. Here is how to proceed:

8.       Plank

Getting in a plank position is one of the simplest scoliosis exercises you can try. Here is what to do:

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