Armpit Pain

Armpit pain comes about due to an infection or other medical condition. When the soreness is accompanied by changes in the skin color or texture, it could be an infection. This pain can sometimes spread to the arm and shoulder parts.

Symptoms and Complications of Armpit Pain

Everyone is susceptible to armpit pain emanating from injury, infection or inflammation. The signs and symptoms of under arm pain reveal the type of disorder or extent of injury.

Pain in the armpit affects the muscles, bones, tendons and cartilage therefore you are bound to experience:

You may also experience other symptoms like; lumps, tingling or numb feeling in the arms and skin discoloration.

When to See a Doctor

Life threatening conditions of the armpit condition require immediate medical attention. Consult a doctor if you experience:

Causes of Armpit Pain

Different factors contribute to the pain under the armpit. These range from muscle pulls, cosmetic products, infections and beauty enhancement procedures. The common causes include:

Remedies for Armpit pain

Treatment involves self-care and the use of drugs to counter the pain or infection. The remedy depends on the extent of the pain with some solutions involving serious medical care.

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