Itchy Foot Soles: Causes and Treatments

image001Itchy skin, also known as pruritus, is inflammatory reaction of the skin. A wide variety of mild to serious diseases, conditions and disorders can be the underlying causes of itchy soles of feet, such as dermatitis, athlete’s foot and systemic diseases. Such itch can also be associated with a rash and can cover a small area or the entire foot. Depending on the root cause, the proper treatment should differ in severity, duration and frequency.

Causes of Itchy Soles of Feet

1. Exogenous Causes

2. Endogenous Causes

Treatments for Itchy Soles of Feet

1. Home Remedies

2. Medical Choices

As with all other medications, whether over the counter or prescription, it is important to follow the usage instructions and make sure the physicians before any type of medications.

When to See a Doctor

It is extremely important that a physician or a specialist, such as a dermatologist is consulted if any of the following, regarding the itching, occurs:

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