What Causes Skin Bumps and How to Get Rid of Them?

Skin bump is characterized by occurrence of any type of lump or swollen area on the skin that may or may not be associated by itching. The bump can be soft or hard, rough or smooth and dark or light-colored. The bump may be single or there may be several raised areas on the skin. Skin bumps may be caused by various disorders, diseases or medical conditions. Majority of the skin bumps do not require treatment. However, if skin bumps are associated with discomfort, you should visit your physician.

What Causes Bumps on Skin?

1. Common Causes

Some of the common causes of skin bumps are:

2. Serious Causes

Bumps on skin may also be caused by more serious conditions including:

3. Causes Related to Cancer

Other types of bumps on skin may be caused by cancer of skin. There are several kinds of skin cancer, including:

When to See a Doctor

You should visit your physician if:

What Can You Do with the Skin Bumps?

Treatment for skin bumps depends on the cause. Majority of the skin bumps are harmless and may resolve on their own. However, you may get them removed for cosmetic reasons. For instance, you can get warts or skin tags removed by a dermatologist. Certain skin bumps such as lipomas and cysts can also be removed surgically. If your skin bumps are found to be precancerous or cancerous, they will be removed by your physician.

For common causes, your physician may prescribe antibiotics for bumps on skin due to bacterial infection. Your physician may recommend home treatments and OTC medicines for viral infections such as chicken pox. There is no cure for certain viral infections such as herpes. However, your physician can prescribe medicines to ease your symptoms.

It is recommended that you apply at least 1 oz. of sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or more to the exposed areas of your body ½ an hour before going out in the sun. If you plan to remain out for a long duration you should apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight especially between 10 am and 4 pm.

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