10 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Soft

Smooth and silky hair can enhance your look and overall personality. That is the reason why women do not mind trying everything to make their hair look soft and shiny. That shine on your hair comes from a layer of natural oil that can get damaged with the use of different hair styling products and exposure to harsh elements. Thankfully, you can learn how to make your hair soft and shiny.

Best Remedies to Make Hair Soft

It is true that you can find many commercial products to improve the look of your hair, but most of these products are laden with chemicals and can cause more harm than good. Therefore, it is better to try natural remedies make your hair soft. Here are some options to consider.

1.     Eggs

Using eggs can help make your hair look shiny and soft in a matter of minutes. Eggs are packed with fatty acids, protein, and lecithin that help repair damaged hair. Regular use of eggs can also make your hair strands thick and strong.

How to Apply: Take a tablespoon each of honey and olive oil and mix it with an egg white. Apply this mixture onto your hair. Be sure to massage it into your scalp and then cover with a shower cap. Remove the cap after half an hour and then wash your hair using your regular shampoo.

2.     Beer

The proteins found in beer make it one awesome hair tonic. Its regular use can repair damaged cuticles and nourish hair follicles as well.

How to Apply: Apply flat beer after washing your hair and massage it into your scalp in circular motions. Leave it there for five minutes and use your regular shampoo to wash your hair. Do it at least once every two weeks.

3.     Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV serves as a hair conditioner and helps make your hair shiny, soft, and moisturized. It works great to remove any residue in your hair. It is also effective against problems like itchy scalp, dandruff, and frizzy hair.

How to Apply: Combine equal parts of water and ACV and apply it to your freshly shampooed hair. Massage it into your scalp for a few minutes and rinse with cold water after five minutes.

4.     Avocado

Wondering how to make your hair soft? Try avocado. Avocado contains several nutrients that make it a good natural remedy for dull, damaged hair. It also helps treat dryness in your hair.

How to Apply: Take a mashed ripe avocado and add two tablespoons of olive oil to it. Apply it directly to your hair and wear a shower cap. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo after half an hour.

5.     Aloe Vera

It is extremely beneficial for your hair mainly because it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and other compounds with moisturizing properties. It can also help reduce dandruff.

How to Apply: Combine 2 tbsp. of coconut oil, 4 tbsp. of Aloe Vera gel, and 3 tbsp. of yogurt. Mix well and apply the paste on your freshly shampooed hair. Wash your hair with lukewarm water after about half an hour.

6.     Yogurt

To learn how to make your hair soft, learn to use yogurt in the right way. It can deep condition your hair and leave it smooth and shiny. Yogurt also possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties because of its high lactic acid content.

How to Apply: Take a wide-tooth comb and brush your hair for a few minutes. Now, apply some yogurt over your hair and into the scalp. Now, wear a shower cap for half an hour. Then, wash your hair using your regular shampoo and lukewarm water. Do it once a week for great results.

7.     Mayonnaise Mask

You can make a mayonnaise mask to improve the quality of your hair. It is basically a combination of oil and emulsified egg yolks, which is why it can help make your hair look healthy.

How to Apply: Apply mayonnaise to your hair and leave for about half an hour. Use warm water to wash your hair and condition your hair in the end. Avoid this remedy if you have any egg related allergies.

8.     Avocados and Banana

Combining bananas and avocados can help make a paste that will keep you from asking how to make your hair soft. The mask is also effective against split ends.

How to Apply: Mix a banana and an avocado together to make a paste. Apply it directly to your hair. Ensure that you have covered all of your strands. Leave it there for an hour and then wash your hair as usual.

9.     Applesauce Mask

Another great way to improve the health of your hair is to use an applesauce mask. It nourishes your hair and prevents split ends.

How to Apply: Take a cup of applesauce and apply it directly to your hair. You can buy it from the market or make your own at home using apples. Be sure to wash your hair after 30 minutes of using applesauce. Shampoo and condition your hair in the end.

10.  Olive Oil

Using olive oil is yet another great way to treat your dull, dry hair. It helps keep your hair moisturized and prevent dandruff as well.

How to Apply: Simply take some olive oil and massage it into the scalp. Be sure to cover each strand as well and then wear a shower cap. Try this remedy before going to bed and leave it in overnight. Wash your hair in the morning using your regular shampoo. Do not forget to condition your hair in the end.

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