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Why Do I Always Feel Like I Have to Poop?

The need to have a bowel movement is so natural that most of us do not give it any thought. It is considered normal, and for most people is a daily occurrence. There are some cases, however, where people feel the urge to go even when they don’t need to. It is considered abnormal when there is no relief after passing a stool and the feeling is constant. This is called tenesmus and can be a symptom of underlying diseases.

Why Do I Always Feel Like I Have to Poop?

There are a few different reasons why a person may have tenesmus. Most of these are caused by issues with the rectum, colon or anus, but some causes are from disorders that do not directly involve the bowels. Some common associated conditions are:

When to Call a Doctor

You should contact your provider if you often have a feeling of "I always feel like I have to poop". You should also call when you have:

How to Treat Tenesmus

You should first speak with your doctor who will ask detailed questions about:

Your doctor may then do an exam. In this case, you will have both abdominal and rectal exams. Tests could include:

Treatment can include medication or proctocolectomy (removing parts of the colon/rectum).

Home Remedies

Home remedies can help the feeling of "I always feel like I have to poop". These include a healthy diet with lifestyle and exercise changes. Some tips for controlling tenesmus are:

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