Metallic Taste in Mouth

image001People are born with thousands of taste buds in the tongue and sensory cells in the nose, which help taste and smell different flavors and scents. Metallic taste in mouth is often an unpleasant experience because it interferes with the ability to enjoy meals as usual. It may be caused by anything that affects the normal process of tasting, such as an infection or even aging. Here we examine what factors may cause the metallic taste in the mouth and how to treat it.

Causes of Metallic Taste in Mouth

Sensations are transmitted to the brain, where these are interpreted as sweet, sour, bitter, or salty. However, as one ages, the number of sensory cells in the tongue and nose decreases progressively. At the same time, certain health conditions and environmental factors may interfere with these processes, causing changes in normal perception of taste and smell. There are numerous reasons why you may have metallic taste in mouth.

1. Common conditions, which alter your sense of taste, such as:

2. Pregnancy, which involves hormonal fluctuations, can affect one’s sense of taste. Estrogen is a hormone, which influences one’s taste and food preferences and can make a pregnant woman experience unusual tastes in the mouth, such as metallic taste. Pregnant women also become more sensitive to odors in the early part of pregnancy, which can affect her sense of taste. Furthermore, a woman’s intake of prenatal vitamins may disturb normal tastes in the mouth.

3. Dietary factors can cause metallic taste in mouth, such as:

4. Infectious disease, such as:

5. Many medications and procedures can alter one’s taste, including:

6. Trauma or injuries to your mouth or tongue can affect taste sensation, including:

7. Other disorders can cause metallic taste in mouth, such as:

Treatments for Metallic Taste in Mouth

Metallic taste in the mouth may be a temporary symptom or a chronic condition associated with other health problems. If it is a temporary sensation, some home remedies may relieve this unpleasant feeling, such as:

If these home remedies do not eliminate the metallic taste in your mouth, consider the possibility of a health problem, especially if you have other accompanying symptoms. And consult a health care provider to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

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