How Long Is Recovery Time After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

An extrauterine pregnancy, also called an ectopic pregnancy, is one where the egg attaches outside of the uterus once fertilized. Most commonly they attach to the fallopian tube walls and because of this, the condition is often referred to as a tubal pregnancy. Because these fallopian tubes are unable to support an embryo, the pregnancy must be treated. It can become dangerous to the mother if left untreated too long. Generally, surgery is recommended for an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery Recovery Time


Recovery time of discomfort or pain after ectopic pregnancy surgery depends on the type of treatment received. You likely will experience the discomfort for up to several weeks after your procedure. In the event of surgery, your body will need time to recover from scarring; this can cause some stomach pain.

As time progresses, you will experience less pain. With surgery, you may also have some pain and aches in unexpected spots. Try relaxing and taking any pain relief prescribed. If there are other symptoms along with your pain, see our doctor. Some of these symptoms that need medical attention and should be taken seriously are:

Wound Healing

Ectopic pregnancy surgery recovery time of wound takes time. Your wound should be dry and clean, without any weeping at ten days post operation. If there is anything that worries you about your wound site, you should contact your doctor immediately. Once healing is complete, you will likely still have a red and raised scar for several weeks to months. It is common. With time, it will fade to pink and then white. As long as your scar doesn’t become tender or feel hot to the touch during the healing process, and stays closed, you can be confident it is healing.

Sore Breasts

Women often comment that their breasts are sore right after their treatment and for a few weeks. This is because your body still needs to become used to not being pregnant. Your breasts may remain tender for several weeks and until your next period. It is common, so don’t worry. If, however, you experience great pain, you should seek your doctor’s advice.


With such trauma to the body, it may take a while for you to start feeling like yourself again. Any surgery is a huge event for you to recovery from, and your body will need to direct all its attention to healing. The type of treatment you receive as well as the amount of blood you lose has a large impact on your healing as well. If it is a big operation, you will lose more blood and need longer to heal.

How long is the ectopic pregnancy surgery recovery time? It is often recommended that you take six weeks to become physically healed. For some, it may take longer, and that is to be expected. Help your body recover by drinking plenty of water, getting rest and eating small, nutritious meals.

Many women also report feeling bloated after their surgery. This can also vary, but expect about six weeks to recover. If bloating persists after several weeks, contact your doctor as it may be a sign of infection.

Returning to Work

How and when you return to work, depends on the type of procedure you have. Generally, six weeks is the standard time before most return to work. This is just physically speaking. Emotional healing can take longer and is extremely individual.

Dealing with the loss of a baby along with the physical trauma of surgery can be frightening. Normal routines such as work and domestic life can be extremely draining. You will need to judge how much you can handle and remember to take it slow.

Many start with part-time work. Those that have been treated by Methotrexate are often more exhausted and tired than others. Be gentle with yourself and allow time for emotional recovery. If you need more time, ask your doctor and they will likely provide a note for you.

Having Sex

Remember you need to let your body recover fully. Allow your periods and ovulation to return before having traditional intercourse again. The typical rule of thumb is six weeks. This allows your muscles to heal and you to regain confidence. The decision of when ultimately comes down to you and your partner. If you both feel like you are ready before the six weeks, it is ok. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before trying to conceive again.

Possible Questions About Future Pregnancy

After knowing ectopic pregnancy surgery recovery time, here are more question you may wonder:

Will I Be Able to Get Pregnant Again?

Once you’ve had an ectopic pregnancy, your chances for conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy will be slightly decreased, but should still be very good. It depends on why the ectopic pregnancy occurred and what your medical history is. Your gynecologist can advise you on the best options as they will know your specific circumstances.

How Likely Is Another Ectopic Pregnancy to Occur?

Your chance of another tubal pregnancy will increase slightly. Rest assured that you have a ninety percent chance of not having an ectopic pregnancy. You should confirm your fetus is in the right spot early once you have conceived.

Preventing Ectopic Pregnancy

If you are trying to conceive, exercise, stay healthy and eat right to help insure it is healthy. Also make sure to take your prenatal vitamins. Most factors are out of your control; however, there are some ways to decrease your risk of ectopic pregnancy, such as:

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