Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy

Hormonal changes in a woman's body during pregnancy can cause a hormonal imbalance that causes uncomfortable physical reactions. One of these reactions is the uncomfortable hot flushes in early pregnancy. About 50% to 70% women will experience hot flushes during early pregnancy which cause no harm to the body. A sign that you may be experiencing a hot flush is when you feel hotter than normal even during a chilly winter night. Occurrences can start during early pregnancy, but usually they are experienced after the first trimester. Fortunately, they typically last for no more than five minutes. The discomfort caused by hot flushes can be alleviated by dressing lightly and/or remove layers of clothing. If you are suffering from this, you don't have to search words like "hot flushes early pregnancy" on internet to find the solution. We give you all you want here.

How to Know If You're Having Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy?

Hot flushes during early pregnancy will create symptoms such as:

Approximately 48% of these hot sensations are rated as being mild and even unnoticed. 39% of women feel the heat moderately and 13% find the occurrences to be intense and difficult to adjust to.

Note: The hot flushes are normal, but it's important to differentiate a hot flush from a fever. A fever will elevate the body temperature while hot flushes don't. Medical attention is required if the sensation is caused by a fever over 100°F. A fever may indicate an infection, and high body temperatures during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Why Do Pregnant Woman Experience Hot Flushes?

Wondering why you have hot flushes? Early pregnancy brings about so many new things and hot flush is just one of them. Here are some explanations of the causes of these hot sensations:

As for hot flushes, early pregnancy witnesses their appearance, it they happen more frequently during the second and third trimesters. They may increase after giving birth because of your low hormone levels which will stay low if you breastfeed your child.

Ways of Relieving Hot Flushes in Early Pregnancy

If you have searched "hot flushes early pregnancy", you will know it's not easy to handle it. But here we have a few practical ways to minimize and relieve the symptoms.

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