Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness at Work

70-80 percent of all pregnant women will have morning sickness. Many will get this in early pregnancy and some even will have it as late as the third trimester. Morning sickness is noted by nausea and even vomiting; some will have both. Don’t be fooled by the name, you may experience morning sickness at any time during the day. What if you have go to work while having morning sickness?

Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness at Work

1. Be Flexible with Your Schedule

Whenever possible, schedule your day around your nausea. If you are usually sick in the morning, shoot for a late start. Or if you tend to get queasy after lunch, then push some time back or schedule your day to start earlier to make up for it. Work from home when possible. Don’t be afraid to tell your managers your good news. They may be more willing to accommodate your working schedule.

2. Don’t Be Too Hungry or Too Full

This is one of the first rules for dealing with morning sickness. Keep your stomach from hunger growls or indigestion. Small snacks and meals throughout the day is better than three square meals a day. Mini meals will help keep your tummy happy.

Make sure that you are getting at least 8 glasses of water a day. It is essential, because if you get dehydrated, you will become more nauseated.

3. Have a Variety of Foods to Snack Available

Keep a few things like saltines, sour candies, peppermints, ginger ale or whatever works for you around. If you find that frozen or cold foods are the best, find a spot for these at work. Also, remember hard candy or gum can help get rid of after taste from nausea or vomit. This can be particularly true with peppermints and soda-flavored sweets. They can keep your mouth fresh and your mind too!

4. Sniff Something Fresh

From the smell of over-abundant perfume to the smell of garbage, some odors will make your stomach turn. In fact, morning sickness is often associated with smell. If you can’t get away or open a window, try smelling a fresh scent. A bottle of lemon extract or fresh rosemary is good for dealing with morning sickness at work.

5. React Correctly in Case of Morning Sickness

If you’re at your desk and queasy, the first thing you want is a fast route to the restroom. Keep bags and waste baskets easy to get ahold of in case of an emergency. If you have your own office, you can close the door. However, if you share, you may have to make it to the restroom or breakroom so you don’t cause others to be ill.

6. Have a Morning Sickness Emergency Kit Available

Keep a bag with wipes, water, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair tie, crackers and any other things you may need. This will make it easy to grab if you must rush to the restroom. It’s also recommended for you to have an extra outfit and even shoes around in case something goes wrong.

7. Adjust Your Computer Monitor Settings

Some colors or contrasts can cause you to feel sick. Adjust the settings for a comfortable feel, which is essential in dealing with morning sickness at work. Take breaks frequently to rest your eyes and do non-electronic work.

8. Freshen Up

Dealing with the demands of work can have you feeling stressed. Additional stress can make morning sickness harder to deal with.

Take regular breaks to help keep yourself feeling fresh. Go for tea, take a walk and generally make sure you are feeling ok. Getting some fresh air can be a smart way to cope.

9. Break the News Early

You may not want to, but breaking the news early can make things easier for everyone. Thinking you can stick it out isn’t always the right idea. You should consider letting them know early so you can get plenty of rest if needed. This is good for both you and the baby. Seek understanding and teamwork in creating a plan or schedule that works for you.

10. Speak to Your Doctor About Medication for Nausea

Sometimes, the above tips for dealing with morning sickness at work may not help. If you are in the bathroom with nausea day after day, it may be time to speak with your OB. She may offer you a medication that can change you from a miserable mom-to-be to a functional person. This can also make sure that you aren’t too sick and don’t need to go to the hospital.  

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